I like Monday.  I think of it as a mini-new week, and I start fresh with resolutions.

Recently I blogged here about no longer reading books,  or more accurately, ebooks on my phone at lunch. Instead, I have been reading Facebook and playing Jewel games.  At that time,  I thought about creative writing instead.  Blogging from my phone while I eat alone. In the past,  I have enjoyed writing thoughts and  theories.   I thought I might start it as a regular thing.  Lunch blogging.

The problem with blogs is,  writing them is not the same as a diary because nobody actually ever reads a diary or personal journal.  To be fair,  few will ever read most blogs either but they need to be written with the intention of actually being read. This creates a huge responsibility to generate content worthy of reading.  At lunch,  I don’t always have a good idea or topic on demand.  My best blog ideas come to me randomly, as I see things that inspire me.  Today I was just hungry.

This may be why twitter is popular. It lets us blog, but in only 140 characters, so even if it’s boring, at least we only waste a fraction of a second of the reader.  A blog is longer, and to make it worthy of your time is effort.  Some days I’m in the mood – some days I’m not, but a forced obligation of lunch blogging will make for poor blogs.  My writing is inspired by the moment – something that hits me at the time.  Well – we’ll see how it goes.

Edit : on my way out, after the meal was finished, I ventures into the men’s room and happened to notice a man standing at the urinal with both of his hands down at his sides. Now that is a blog topic, but I’m fine for today. Not every post is a winner.