My morning links

I have a morning ritual, as I’m sure many of you do.  It changes from time to time, but I’ve decide to share the links I visit each day with you.  First, I turn on Howard Stern and listen to his morning show… but you probably can’t do that unless you;’re a pirate or a Sirius Radio subscriber.

As of October 2012  – TV is where I check out mini headlines and articles from around the web on the TV shows I enjoy. Apart fr4om the occasional ads that start talking to me over the radio, it’s a good site of yesterday’s TV news and highlights from this reviewer’s opinion and other links pointing all over the web. – If you’ve never seen REDDIT, it’s worth a check. It’s a different format than a forum, or a blog. People post their links and comments and questions to a regular viewership, and others reply. It’s not quite like the old BBS days I remember, but it’s far more polite and friendly than a typical forum. I read the Android, and Toronto Sub-reddits every morning, and I get to see news and reviews of what is happening now, or last night.  people post their pictures and questions too. – This is a humour web site that hits home with me, because I deal with a lot of freelance and contract customers in design and support. This blog site has compiled some of the most hilarious customer requests and comments and suggestions.  really dumb clients. It makes me happy to see the kind of clients I deal with are everywhere. – One of the blogs I read every day contains a wide assortment of posts, on gadgets and other interesting things. – A full video blog that compiles some of the most awesome videos and pictures from around the web. – A great geeky web site that often has amazing perspectives on the day’s top geek articles, products, shows, comics and artists. – Similar to Geeks are sexy, except with a dark background instead of a light background, Geekologie has posts of science fiction and technology and other things geeky. – Another great collection of gadgets and images and cosplay and everything else I enjoy, fresh daily. – Ben’s collection of everything awesome is a little different. It’s a lot of hit & miss for me, as my opinion of awesome, and Ben’s don’t always agree… but some of the really artistic and social commentary posts are really quite awesome. Ben collects memes and animations and posts from all over. Most of the things here, I have not seen anywhere else. – Ned is sometimes similar to Ben (above). His sense of humour and eye for truly beautiful art is often stunning. Ned has collected some of the prettiest pictures and true “think” posts about life, love, social commentary and art. His site contains at least a few smiles every day, even if it doesn’t make me laugh. – My Canadian mobile phone blog, compiling all the news I need to know in order to be current in the phone world. – I love the site BUZZFEED, but it takes up my entire day if I visit it daily. Once you log onto to BUZZFEED, it’s hard to leave.  Buzzfeed is the compilation of everything fun from everywhere… so I only go to it sometimes… but I check the sub-buzz section BUZZ TECH daily for my up to date links to things buzzing in the tech world. – Another weird compilation blog containing “neat” things from around the web. Links to other blogs and sites and photos and posts that makes me think and/or smile.

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