When I first started in photography, I was probably about 15. I developed my interest in photography because my father was interested in it and spending more time with the next-door neighbour, conveniently also named Jeff, instead of me. However, shortly into it I realized it was a lot of fun in high school and having a camera in hand allowed me to talk to people that I wouldn’t otherwise meet. I became the yearbook photographer or at least one of them.

Back in those days, photography cost money. Quite a bit of money, as you had to buy the film and the camera and the lenses and then pay for the processing and wait a week or so. As your booked photographers we took a deeper interest and started creating and developing our own photos in personal dark rooms. Since the yearbook with black and white anyway, it was ideal.

Because paper and developing costs were reasonably high and we took a lot of photos we knew we’re not going to be used, we would print off what’s called a contact sheet 8 by 10 photographic page exposed to light with the film directly on top of it. It was a way of creating 24 or 36 images on one sheet of paper right away so that we could look at them and evaluate which ones were worthy of actually printing out in a larger size.

I was reminded of this today when I was posting this blog and looked at the Friday night Saturday morning images that I had created in my cameras. Of course today, we don’t have to pay for processing or wait for development and we don’t have to decide which pictures to keep and which pictures not to keep because all photography is now pretty much free an instantaneous thanks to the Amazing Inventions inside camera phones and the technology that has allowed them. I actually believe that Bree photography is a what’s a more significant evolution of society than we give it credit for. To realize how valuable it is to have a plethora of photographs at your disposal all the way into your old age where they will be valued more highly then we can imagine. Loss of memory is one of the most frustrating things that happens when you get old and more and more people are losing everything to Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. When I’m old… When I’m older I will not have any photographs of significance from my youth and sadly I’m already at the point where I have forgotten most of it the photographic recording of my memories didn’t really start until the digital era which is ironic considering I took so many photographs tonight was a photographer of the times for my yearbook. I honestly don’t fully remember where they all went but if they were in a box somewhere they are definitely now gone with my most recent move.

I try not to think of it but when I do I realized the senior citizens of the Next Generation will be able to look at pictures with the most amazing accuracy and search capabilities I have blogged previously about the power of Google photos and this week it’s updated to be even more powerful. I would never have imagined that I search engine could be programmed with enough artificial intelligence to search photographs so accurately with keywords are locations or dates. The Google search utility even recognizes the faces of your friends and relatives and pets and can bring up every image you ever seen on your computer since the beginning of time or at least your time and display them all in one place. Commercially, they are marketing the ability to take those photos and after a few clicks, a beautifully bound photo book will arrive at your door or the door of your grandmother if you so choose. Add to this the fact that almost every single one of these photo archival systems including Google’s photos Microsoft Amazon and the others all include some form of online Cloud saving oh, several of which seem to be Unlimited. I’ve been using the Google cloud service for my images and I have thousands and thousands taking up way more space than I would want to reserve on my personal computer especially since I started making lots and lots of videos.

This blog is just a contact sheet of the photos and videos that I added to my archive during my overnight awake session. Google will automatically categorize them as me and I will add several of them into albums just for convenience ones that include drugs ones that were created using Snapchat filters and ones that may have had text added to make them a meme for my posts here and on Tumblr. Tonight’s sampling isn’t actually is large and some weekend spent awake making movies but it’s the one that got blogs so there you go. I haven’t configured to save any image that my phones use and merge them into one collection but is cloud-ready and available on all my devices including older wifi-only phones, tablets, every computer, Android TV, and in fact from the web any computer in the entire world that I have to just sit down in front of and watch a photo. It’s mind-boggling.

This includes photos that I post to Tik Tok or photos that get added to Facebook through WhatsApp that I use to create memes.

It’s really quite and cool I recommended highly

TEST:  You might be able to view them directly from my Google Photos page.


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