Not a single company offers a 6gig deal anymore. Now that all celluar is blue, red, green or orange in Canada and we know They also control all TV and content delivery, we seem stuck with plans all over $100 for data. Canadian monoplies that collude are as bad as no choice at all.

I think Chatr is 3 or 4gb now, as are almost all plans. I use about 3 most months but have hit 6 on the few occasions I’m working a few days somewhere like a trade show or whatever.

My needs have changed more han I admit though as some weeks/months I hardly leave home at all, and almost never leave my zone. My cell bill is crazy now, and I’m not even getting a free phone. Since Rogers dumped its greates feature in celluar history, I feel no reason to stay with them — or at least the Rogers brand.

When they had that — I forget the name now, the web based phone page that allowed a web page to be a clone of the phone with elaborate forwarding. It meant when my cell rang, so did any of my devices including my land line. It was great when service was bad. I miss calls frequently without it while in bed. The corner I sleep in used be be a magical dead zone.

Rogers is also still the only one that has name caller ID which used to be worth the brand for me because many of my calls were either from new clients or creditors back then. Seeing the name was a luxury nobody else had.

Now my phone does reverse lookups and warns me if the ringing is from a known spammer or not… but also, I;m not really getting new clients calling. People are using phones less and less. Whoda thunk phones would ever not be the choice of contact.

I just have to get over my obcessive stupid reasons to not switch. I never switch. I never change on my own. I only change when the universe forces me to… otherwise I stay the course and find pride in loyalty even though I know that nobody notices or cares but inside my head.

Looking back, as I so enjoy doig when I write, I can see all the times I talk a big change game, but it’s always hard and then

ooooooh shiney object. Whats that over there?