Some people hate Mondays. Ok… many people hate Mondays. There is even a great song about it that I happen to love.  People do however seem to like January 1st, whether it falls on a Monday or not. Everyone starts talking about the new year as a fresh start, and many even commit to resolutions, many of which are ignored January 2, or a few weeks later.

Contrary to the public opinion, I think Monday is a great day, and I am so happy we get to have one every week. To me, it is like a mini New years Day every single week, 52 times a year.

Happy New Week.

Unlike New Years Day, we don’t get all the Mondays off, although at least in Canada we get a few. We don’t get super drunk on Sunday and regret dancing with the Boss’ wife. However, Monday is still a ritual day. We return to normality after a weekend of adventures, and proceed to do our jobs, or live our lives. Returning to work after a break is a refreshing time. A time of renewal and regrouping. It is indeed the actual definition of a fresh start.

To me, it is my favourite day for just this reason. I get to start over and feel good about my plans to actually complete and accomplish the tasks I left unfinished Friday. A day to start with work clearly laid out and a specific plan. It is often my most productive day too. Mondays get a bum rap. People are always bashing Monday.

Today, as I write this blog – it is a Monday and I have a new idea. A concept that came to m as I was resting well this past weekend. I’ve been looking for a new goal and project to jumpstart my happiness. A new “something” to dedicate time and energy to, that I feel I can accomplish and feel good about. So many of my weekend ideas don’t get done on Monday. I ignore them because I have actual paid client work to do, or fun activities to distract me, but I’ve fallen behind on progress.

When you work at the tasks in front of you and nothing more, you coast. This has been a year of change for me, and my new life progress and happiness isn’t as content to coast anymore. We are taught perpetual motion machines can not exist because all coasting eventually slows and halts. I feel like my life has been coasting down, and I’m ready to put my foot down, give it a kick off, and speed up life again, like a skateboarder speeds up his board after a nice coast.

SC_006I enjoy writing, and it’s a place where I actually feel pride when I complete a piece. I have been writing journal entries since as far back as I can remember, and only share a fraction of them on this and other blogging sites, as well as Facebook. When I post something new, a few people see it and I generally get good feedback and compliments. For some reason however, I have not really done much of it.

Today is a Monday. The sky is blue. I’m ready to start again, with a goal: 100 days of blogging.

I am going to try to write something here of some substance and creativity every day from now till into November and maybe even beyond. Throughout this process I may even take a course in creative writing, or more. I may actually begin to– wait… let’s edit that sentence as I write it.  Not “I may”, but rather; I will find new and interesting things to do in my life, and blog about them Perhaps a new course to take, or teach. New life challenges and accomplishments. I have no idea where it will go. Coasting won’t cut it.

Of course – I have said all this before in my mind. I have taken on new years (or new Monday) resolutions just like everyone, only to give up and quit days or weeks in. Today I set my goal to go 100 days of blogging, and it will be hard.

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Note: I tend to do very basic proof reading and editing of my own work, and some of thee blog posts are almost certainly going to be written on my phone or tablet from distant locations. Try to make your comments nice and let the grammar police be polite.