First off, let me say I did not invent this trick, and this isn’t even a particularly good online version of it.  I just liked it enough to share it with Frogstar visitors because it fooled me the first time I tried it.  It’s simple, but sometimes the best tricks are. 

P O O F !

Now there are FIVE cards.  Your chosen card has mysteriously vanished.



When I was growing up, I took magic more seriously than some.  In high school, my good friend Jay Sankey and I performed tricks for anybody who would watch, and even went to some conventions and did paid performances.  We hung out at the BROWSER’S DEN OF MAGIC and MORRISSEY MAGIC in Toronto whenever we could.

After high school, I gave it up and only remember a few classic tricks today.  Jay went on to become one of the world’s greatest (and funniest) magicians you’ve probably never heard of. to watch him perform all sorts or miracles you can buy.

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