My family have always been game players, although I was almost always a loser. We played card games, board games, and a few sports. I never really was good at any of them.  When I moved out, much of the world was discovering video games, but I never got very good at them. As an adult, I don’t play so many games. I have however maintained a few easy mind games I play with friends.  Some I’ve blogged about before.  They’re simple games you play inside your regular life, and some I’ve rebranded for this new social media electronic age.

Today I’m here to explain the simple rules of PIE TIME!

The rules are simple. All you have to do is notice it’s 3:14 in the afternoon, and say IT’S PIE TIME to somebody. You can say it to the person standing next to you, or you can call them on the phone, text them, message them or online chat them, but it must be 3:14. Not a minute sooner or later.  If you get them before they get you, one point is scored.

If they receive your text and it’s 3:15 – you lose.

pi_pie2[1]It’s a silly game, but an easy one. The trick is remembering to play. Not many of us are looking at our clocks at 3:14 in the afternoon. It’s too late to be worrying about lunch, and not early enough to be thinking of 5pm. If you see it’s 3:14 by accident, you remember the game, and say the phrase. Maybe have a piece of pie as a bonus.

If you don’t play it today, no score is changed. Nothing happens. You can play this game for the rest of your natural life with as many friends as you introduce to the rules, and may only actually win once or twice.

You don’t even need to keep track of the points. Nobody else will.

However, if you actually do play, and introduce a few friends to the game by saying PIE TIME to them at 3:14 today or tomorrow, you may find others start to play the game with you too, and receiving a IT’S PIE TIME text at 3:14 in the afternoon some random Thursday three weeks from now will probably make you smile. Some day in the future, when you look at your watch and it’s 3:17 you’ll think; “ooOoOoOoo… just missed pie time”. and probably smile.

That’s what most of my games are about. Random smile generation.

Bonus round: Two points are gained for saying “IT’S PIE TIME” on March 14th.

  • For those of you have not yet figured out the significance of 3.14 as PIE TIME, the mathematical term “pi” refers to an infinite decimal number that stats with 3.14
  • A similar version of this game can be played at 4:20 in the afternoon for your 420 friends.
  • It is polite to not send texts, calls or messages at 3:14am unless you know for certain your friend is awake.