I ate green olives today, probably for the first time ever. I say probably, because the event was so un-memorable, it is conceivable, I have done it before, and just forgot. The taste had a slight familiar feel to it, almost as if I thought was green olives ‘should’  taste like, from their smell and texture.

It was on a pizza, at a buffet, so I only had to try a few on one slice.  I didn’t like it much, but I didn’t hate it enough to spit it out, like I do when an onion finds its way into my mouth by accident. If I was at a dinner party, and olives were served to me, I could politely down a few without a fuss or a face.

That is how I rate new tastes now. If I was forced to, there are still some foods I would have trouble with. Others I can eat, but olives won’t be added to my acceptable toppings list today.

I do try new foods now and then although my friends would still call me picky. I have a philosophy I battle with. If I know I enjoy something why risk trying things I don’t. Bad tastes can stay with me far too long. A single bit of onion can cause me grief for hours.

Of course, I have found new tastes I enjoy and add them into my routine. When I was young, my acceptable food list was very tiny. Everyone had to pick the restaurants that could suit my limited list. Back in the 70s of course, we had burgers and Chinese food restaurants and not much else. Italian was the special place, and I could always have a pizza.

Today is Friday, and more people show up for the Pizza Hut buffet, so the variety is good. I didn’t need to try olives. I could have waited 3 minutes and something else would have arrived.  I’m enough of a regular at this location that they know I don’t like onions or mushrooms. It just felt like a day to test.

Green Olives. Check.

No need to try again.