I’m the same level of safe today, but the nag level is +1

I knew it was coming, and I was working on a solution but an easier solution was only days away, so I paused that loop. Adding free SSL is going to upset a few people who paid, but it looks like they leveled me up against my will.

Same thing with my Updraft Backup. I love you. I’ll renew but I’m really getting bothered by the unavoidable nag I’ve seen 100 time tonight… at 3am.

I will say I spent at least some time re-reading every email I could because I didn’t remember ever renewing. I think I might have a case and this is my year to ask.

I am maintaining my excitement for the new Frogstar but I just thought of the idea that ANY cool kid could start a francise for free.  Wear an Orange shirt, I’ll support yoiur first 10 customers

Ignore that…

LIGHTBULB IDEA:  Cool dude on the phone hosting.

Some things I’m ok with, and some things I want to see you in person. My Internet is the most important connection in my life, and the idea that I am the one person they can call and get it taken care of is a great feeling.

I think it’s crazy I’ve been giving away concierge 5 star …

well, I forgot about vanishing for days at a time and ghosting. But apart from that, what have the Roman’s ever done for us?


If you separate the idea that you can timeshare a nerd for a lot less, but still get the benefits of having the same nerd for the next 40 years, always taking your call.

I’ll amend by throwing the cheat word virtually in.

Imagine if you went to the mall, but all the salespeople were working for you. It’s a pretty great level of confidence knowing your IT/Internet Timeshare Nerd is the one who answers your first call, and the one who calls you back to say it’s been taken care of.

That is exactly what I’ve been doing for — well, since ever.

I probably would have made a great Bob.

I like being “my guy” for people. It’s kinda how I’ve structured my whole life. I even own the domain http://gottagetaguy.com because the idea of having a computer guy is as old as the first caveman who convinced you his wall art was better than yours, and because he can’t hunt, maybe you’d like to trade.

Caveman suddenly had an art guy.  He was probably caveman’s weed guy too.  You know it. In fact, when you think about how long man lived in times we have no record of so I have a feeling that the earth might have been filled with some kickass food and drug in the early days. You know man from every age found something new that was new, and used it to extinction over and over. 

The only account of those days, and great grandfathers remembering whatever they said before Groovy.