Howard Stern

Howard Stern is a syndicated radio show personality currently available on Sirius Radio. Some like him and his brand of humour, some don’t.  Many hate him without even hearing him.

I’m one of those fans that respect what Howard is trying to do, and I enjoy the show most of the time, so this is my Howard Stern fan site.

September 16th 2004 update.

Well, it seems somebody with the power to sue me HAS objected.  I received a letter from CBS requesting this site be taken down.  Apparently, as part of a crackdown, Howard and his lawyers have decided to not let fans appreciate him in this way.  When I requested more specifics as to what was OK, and what was not. the reply was a single line that essentially said it all had to go.

My huge Stern Archive has gone off the linked site, hidden to the world.  Even the often requested 9/11 show. (911) which I still have.