It’s Thanksgiving Monday as I write this, and I’ve taken it as a day off from work, so I am treating it like a Sunday. Typically Sunday has been the day if the week I watch some TV. I try my best to keep a balanced diet of television variety, which includes hour long dramas, but also non fiction shows from the higher network channels. Documentaries and science shows. Knowledge shows that educate or inform me I was the Internet doesn’t.

Today I am watching a narrated show on discovery science about weird inventions, and their first story segment was so mind boggling, that I had to pauseandblog. It was such a cool and wonderful advancement in science that I was a little shocked I’d never heard of it before. It seems the perfect story for a viral spreading.

Science has found a way to grow a man’s severed and lost fingertip back. In four weeks, with a powder sprinkling of crushed pigs bladder, a man who chopped his finger off, had a new one, nearly perfect, complete with matching finger prints and all. Like a slow magic trick, it just grew back, exactly like the body thought it was supposed to. He fooled the damaged hand to act like a salamander.

The show talked about military implications right away, I suppose because our soldiers lose limbs with far more occurrences than everyday life, but they also hinted that this was just the successful beginning, and eventually they may have to worry about the moral issues if they discover the same concepts can be used to regrow any parts, or in fact, a whole new body.

They broke on that dramatic chord and went to commercial. This segment leaves me with a mind of wonder. Instead if scarring, we could be trained to regrow our failing, I’ll, or missing internal organs, it would change everything. If replacing your failing liver was as simple as putting a cast on a fractured arm, a lot of people would be very happy.

The negative side of my brain recalls the evil villain scenarios, but art from the wrong people getting rich to save lives, we’d still be saving lives.

One hilarious side effect might be that all cosmetic surgery is treated by our bodies as injury, and all of the beautiful people revert. That reason alone may be why I don’t k ow about this. I hope it all turns out the be true.

The best reason to stay alive, is curiosity. I love the future. So much potential.