Today is Sunday and garbage day. Since my plan is to move out of here the week after next and put some effort into solving the bed bug problem before I leave, I gathered all my clothes and walked them over to the legion clothing recycle bin.

They were all dirty and many of them were very very dirty because I only got to use the washing machine twice in the 3 years I’ve been living here. The repair is a $35 part but there is some story behind why it never got done and I’m not in a position to argue. I accept and adapt.

Even if the clothes were clean I decided my new move would be a fresh start and it’s much cheaper to not pack luggage, both physically and emotionally.

JJune is also my low invoice month. Even after shuffling a few of my clients around, it’s still a month that I won’t be able to make payments without borrowing or extending to next month. Currently, I have $1 in the bank and no food in the fridge.

Phase two of the clean out will be moving the furniture around and steaming the hiding spots as best I can and then replacing the sheets pillows and pillowcases but, that has to wait until some money comes in and it has to be enough to cover the deadline specific payments and food so I can’t be certain when that will happen.

We’re not on the best terms right now so doing things as quickly as possible will help avoid more anger and discomfort for both of us. He’s been a little emotional because one of his good friends is dying and that will be the second or third one this year. It gets him in a mood understandably, and everything else is biased by that perspective somewhat.

Today while taking four bags of garbage out to the curb for tomorrow’s pickup, he announces to me that his friend has sent him a washing machine that will arrive tomorrow. Quite likely with installation.

The irony of course is that I just throw out all my clothes today. All of them. Everything except what I’m wearing and jeans and a winter coat.

3 years he’s been talking about getting a new washing machine and has put it off. During those 3 years I’ve been buying new shirts and sweatpants every 2 weeks or so. I just ran out last Saturday when I needed fresh clothes to go to see Spamalot with my friend. Had I known at washing machine was coming, I could have held back a few things and washed enough to have clean clothes and proceeded to debug the bedroom. 

Shitty timing. 

In the grand scheme of things it really didn’t change much about how I will be handling the next week or two except that I have to spend money I don’t have on clean clothes for the next few days and for my trip. 

Instead, I choose to find this deter to the story hilariously funny. really. I could not have planned it in a more humorous way had I tried. Even if it arrived the day after I left it wouldn’t have been as funny as the exact day that I just finished throwing out every single piece of clothing I owned.

By the way, when I say throughout, I only throughout the socks and underwear really. The rest went to charity on the assumption that they will wash and dry them and not have horrible bed bugs continuing. I trust that this will happen, and I will not follow up but to be honest it would have cost me more than $20 in excess garbage feeds if I threw it out myself so, if they end up considering the clothes too dirty or unusable and throw them out, I don’t need to know or care.

So all ends well this Sunday evening. I didn’t get yelled at. I completed my tasks. A few more nights of horrible bed bug infestations on my skin and this chapter will be over.