Fro some reason, we North Americans tend to like our long weekends to favour Monday, rather than Fridays. Somehow it seems like a longer holiday when we get an extra day AFTER Sunday, rather than taking Friday off and going back to work on a Monday. I suppose some luxury livers often take the Friday off too, and enjoy a 4 day weekend, but the majority take a holiday Monday as a relief, since they hate Mondays anyway.

In Canada, we have a long weekend most months of the year. Not all (yet) but most. The majority of them are on a Monday.

As I write this blog, I am supposed to be enjoying a free Monday. The labour day holiday, which comes on September 1st in 2014, making all the school children feel a little cheated that they have to go back to school so much sooner than last year, when the Labour day was later in the week.

I too feel cheated, although for a different reason. I work for myself, and Mondays (as I’ve blogged about previously) are usually my favourite day. A fresh start to my work week, and the day I try to get a lot of stuff done. When it falls on the first (the Rabbit day),  it is an especially great fresh start., It’s “happy new week” day and “Happy new Month day” combined into one. It should be an incredible fresh start day where I get a whole whack of work completed.

However – it’s a holiday, although the term, in technically irrelevant to a single self employed guy, it still “feels” different. I can twist my mind into relaxing and taking it of, and then starting fresh Tuesday. The day I call Fake Monday.

Starting fresh on a Tuesday doesn’t work though. It’s not the official start of the week – or month. It’s like I skipped a day and am already behind.

Even though it is only 9:40am on this holiday Monday, and I could certainly step into working mode and start my task list, my brain is too smart for me, and I’m just not feeling that Monday spirit. I don’t have the Monday motivation. I feel like going back to bed.

Labour day. How ironic.

I think holidays should be on Fridays. An extended weekend that doesn’t screw with the system. We always go back to work on Monday… but Friday is a free day. It’s so close!  It inspires the whole week. Weeeee….

Then back to work Monday.

Oh well… I will rest now, and wait for Fake Monday tomorrow.