I think I figured out a major problem with a cool solution. My blogs shold be read in order idealy, but really in order per day. It’s not multiple blogs on a Sunday. It’s one… so far, one writen back to back without the osture break.

I ignored it, and it went away.

That is a mantra of sorts from my universe. It is not one I recommend because there are parameters that fell into place for me, making it more possible than for everyone.

Translation: I’m special.

That made it sound … I see what you did brain. You don’t likeme being confident. My brain is still terrified of public pride and what we still call egotism instead of confidence. A seperate curse.

I don;t really believe in curses, so perhaps I shuld cut back on that term from her forward.

Or here backward if this is a blog.

Except if it’s the most curent blog.

You don’t need to be worrying about this anyway.  Lok, A zepelin12

What was I saying?