I casually mentioned my sideways elevator dreams in a Facebook status message this morning, and two of my friends mentioned they’d had similar dreams.

In my dream, I am often frustrated, because I get into the wrong elevator, and this one travels goes between buildings along a train track or conveyor belt, making what should have been a short trip upstairs a long extended detour, and then of course I have to take it back again, to choose the right elevator.

I’ve had these dreams so often that I immediately recognize it when it happens, and often blame myself for forgetting to not get on this elevator or push that button. Many hotels have different elevators for different towers, and I always think it’s my fault for forgetting. Often, several times per dream, as I try to get back to where I started or find my destination.  Sometimes it just pops up in the middle of another dream, alter that sleep, and I get upset that I was stupid enough to fall for it AGAIN!

indy2001The tracks differed between dreams often, but they almost always felt a little dangerous, combining elevator interior with the cabin of a Gondola ride up a mountain, and the track more like a coal mine track, much like I remember from a 3D adventure ride like the one Indiana Jones rode in one of his movies.

It was frequently in Vegas, the elevator moved between Hotels, much like the Monorail there.

It’s been a few years since I was last on that conveyor ride. I won’t say I’ve missed them. Last night, the dream returned with a more modern safe elevator, on a smaller scale, in a convention hotel that just had a sideways track between different areas of the hotel.

Apparently, other people have the same dreams: