I recently bought a cheap 7″ tablet from a foreign “free shipping” web site and it’s horrid.  Really really bad.  In fact, I can’t even browse the web or watch any video at all.  However, I don’t consider it a waste because I have learned from it that I really do want a tablet.

I think a lot of Android phone users wonder if a tablet is right for them. It’s really just a bigger version of our phones, and I wasn’t sure I’d have any use for it. My phone is always with me, and I can use it to read books, watch TV, write my blog and anything else. I really didn’t think I’d find a tablet useful. I didn’t want to spend $300 to find out it was just another gadget I’d bought and not used.

The cheap tablet taught me I do want one. In fact, I thin k I could use 3 tablets., One beside my bed, one beside my TV watching couch, and one with me in the car for restaurants and waiting rooms.

The crap tablet showed me I do prefer doing stuff on a bigger screen, as long as it doesn’t suck. In fact, I have almost done away with the full sized laptops I currently have bedside my bed, beside my TV watching space, and in my car.  Microsoft word takes 4 to 7 minutes from off state to writing mode, and the tablet doesn’t. When I get a thought to jot down, it’s almost seamless from idea to journalizing it. That will literally change my blogging life.

In summary; if you’re unsure if a tablet is for you – don’t fear the crap ones. They’re a great way to test whether you’re a tablet person or not.