Evil Idiocy

Evil Idiocy

A commentary on how stupid spam can be at times.

The Trust Issue

The Trust Issue

I have known two friends in my life that don’t love themselves. They have not been overly successful in finding partners because of this. This little story came to me after a dream and I am debating whether to share it with them or not.

Shrink Week 1

When I have no Internet, the Microsoft Mail program included with Windows 10 still does the spellcheck, so it’s a pretty good editor for blogging. Today I realized it can actually be used to send directly to the WordPress Blog.  I used a Star Trek reference to...

I remember thye origin stories of the weirdest things

I remember visually where I was standing when I first heard the CBC Radio announcer describing this piece of music he was about to play. It wasn’t so much music like a song, but a tone. Somebody had invented, or discovered this tone that sounded like it was...

That Multi-Use Urban Park. Spring Love.

I just witnessed one of the coolest things ever. It seems the park bench I chose to sit on, in the shaded section of an urban strip park comes with a show. The park is approximately the width of a street, and I suspect at one time it probably was, or a service lane...

Working to please

The psychiatrists are often made fun of, because they too often seem to blame the mother or father. I grew up with a mental illness condition before even the term mental illness was coined, and long before people knew A.D.D wasn’t just a kid being irritating on...