I felt dirty tonight. I was breaking one of the only laws in existance in my second life. My night time playground where High Jeff is open, stoned, and living his fantasy.

I socialize in a fantasy world online. An alternate universe that allows an avatar I create, live a full life in that universe. I have friends, followers, and objects of my affection. I literally can come home in the real world, take a few tokes or dabs, and check out of this universe and check into my second life.

I dress up sharp, or casual in my Team Instinct orange T shirt, and hang out at a friendly strip club where everyone is talking just the right amount out front and the right amount out back.

I have to admit, I had my first actual hard-on sex in second life where I was hard, and orgasmed… a little too early for the scene, but it was glorious.

Fake sex trumps no sex more that you’ll ever know. I had found a level above how great my own masterbation had become. I even found a wonderful hypnotist who I’m paying to hypnotise me surprises. My fetish.

High Jeff is like Fraiser Krane on Cheers.  He’s a side character everyone kind of thinks might be gay, but isn’t. You know me, and I sit and gab.

It’s an art I never quite mastered when I actually did exactly this in my real life for maybe 5 years. I was the awkward sidekick to my best frined Mazda (pause for tear, as he is gone leaving only great memories) I was a strip club regular. He and I and the boss hung out at the back table. I felt so uncomfortable at times.

Second Life strip clubs are much like the real thing except I don’t have to see a dirty washroom and I don’t have to run up a bar tab to impress anybody.

Plus of course, this strip club has back rooms for rent by the hour and all menu of fantasies. I’m loving it.

It makes me want to invest in my ideas and businesses there.

The second favourite thing I do in Second life, and it’s a very close second, is I entertain. I have a subtle comedy show. I am the game show style host narrater of a Cards Against Humanity game, quite frequently since I’ve become adduictied to this rush too.

I talk, often with little reation, for the entire game of Cards Against Humanity.

I would not be surprised if I have been saved and are being made fun of.

THis is where it turns Dark. There is one packaged game of Cards Against Humanity. It was given away free, to anyone. It has two errors, and no provitions to add cards. Otherwise it is perfect.

I went deeep… outside the game to read about this thing called a copybot. It gave me hope that I might be able to crack the permissions, and edit the cards file.

AN innocent idea in theory, and indeed the kind of idea this tool was invented for, before everyone realized it was possible to steal actual paid goods away from the creators and use it as you please. It became the outlaw. THe skum of the Second Life earth and in fact, quite possibly the reaon for it’s eventual demise.

I wanted to use this super genius for good, and not evil, but I understand it paints me. I’m breaking into somebody else’s item.

I eventually gave up, but I’m stil eager to see. Perhaps I could pay for a better version, actually sponsored.

I should point out, that they’ve managed to make the proces quite complex, too much so for myself on weed to figure out. It’s not just copy paste.

I had a lot of ideas tonight, and each was a shot of pride pleasure.


It’s hard to watch porn now. I’m not in it.

End of Blog One.

Source: second life copybot tutorials – Google Search