… but mother, I don’t like beets.

My father had only one rule about food, no two.

No beets

Clean your plate.

It was a thing. Something to remember because only having one thingf you won’t eat, is a strong way to say you’ll eat anything. Neat dad memory to start off a blog intended to be about something else.


I have so much to tell me. it was a good weekend, but not a great weekend, and then hemingway punched me in the mouth.

Instant memory flash of my best friend for a time, and how we used that whenever the time arose.


I belayed my pre show butterflies and manned the info desk for the single social responsability I currently have, The literary fan convention is a three day weekend every year. I hate stressing about it before it comes, but I love everyminute of it live in the now, because life comes at you pretty fast… 


Hello. I’m Jeff Goebel, and I want to tell you a story… or more. I want so much to start writing with the pride and joy I used to get out of writing.

I am an injured ego by a bad review that has me second guessing the joy. As in a video game, my joy hasbeen hit. I am Jeff, and I learned to reframe, and bounce back. I am not ready to accept that I did so by lopping off a few IQ points.

I can’t tell the story. I have to do it this way, and hope I can find the solution to the game of my life. If you give up a logical fear of death, — ding.

I blanked on whatever that thought stream was going. I will admit here that I was afraid of the word dieing because my mind had no ideahow to spell dieing. Otherwise its a beter wort than death.



Hi. I’m Jeff Goebel and I ate a brownie.

I apologize that the side effect you’llmost notice is, that I might seem insane, spurting out individual words like a terrets sufferer.

I apologize … oh fuck. wait.

I was about to introduce my best selling feature as a human, with an apology because my first share to react, was a respected reaction.

When I first started writing my thoughts at the speed I could type, but do .

I try to transcribe my NOW wherever it takes me. There are comptromises to side thoughts lost, but I do my best to type and think in sync, so this means my paragraphs may be unrelated, I might ….

I might do that. I quite literally watch my fingers type and think as I press each key.

Did I happen to mention the brownie? In case you were wondering I did not mean I ate a brownie, as in those … can I still write the words little girl withouts getting hit.

I use the word hit here in the… was I about to ansplane I meant hit emotionally from the start? That would mean it has to eb written i…


I am the currator of my universes’ librry.



I did mention they were hash brownies, right?

So many things. Excitement.

My head plays the Looney Tunes “This is it” theme, and then.


Hello.  I’m Orange Jeff and this is an Orange Shirt Blog.

I got my hotwheels boost today and was energized by authors…


Did I just hear a short burst of sirens, like cops in the driveway. That’s a weird stream.

A Siren Zeppelin.


Hi. This is my report, about Ad Astra 2018.

I stoppped myself from .. I almost didn’t. Carry On.

ding: Origin storty: Carry On is always in my head, in the accent and inflection of my good good friend, Bert Belfontaine, who worked on the web as a new found career late in life. 

Story 1

I spoke with a women of some stature in Canada about her origin story and all sorts of things I was sincerly focused to hear. I believe I created a mutle moment of note at a minimum, but a joyful memory at the best. long pause.

I might not have the energy to finish this story because of the waves.

Argh. I am frustrated by the sort of … something.


three options … oh yes.

Yup, I see it now.

This is not a one man show, is it? Have a I written a script that makes more sense aloud than written? 

Perfect Memory:
I remembered good writing had an acceptable limit to dialogue written in a book. 


I take away from todays meeting the memory of the moments, and the recap second look, second take? Second voice?

Ok. The lady I spoke with without even a hint of doubt or negativity, I chatted up a few really good enjoyable confident moments. 

I don’t always give my negative editor a voice, just now I was hit with the second thought that I was using performance enhancing drugs, against.


In my mind, I create the imaginary image of a mob of people behnd a barier waving frantically to stop. 

memory headline on scroll across the screen like CNN does. 

No? No? I’m slowing down. I was anticipating my brownie woud sell me some cookies but then I remembered a memory recalled of a story about how girl guide cookies changed from unique and so awesome I always wanted a few boxes when their window came each year.


I remember she said to me, Don’t edit. Write. I will now paraphrase the way it matched with my thoughts. Do what I’ve been doing. Write. Then when t’s done, then edit from the start with the perspective of the whole. 


compromise. How do …ahhh too slow. I’m not holding on to the thoughts or the jokes and theyre lost to ….

ding side image. When you slow down your vibration changes and the … too complex to maintain the focus to finish the description needed to move on.

-ding. for a moment I started remembering in greater detail, and therefor distractions.

Creating chapter ones is not going to be 

I joked a #prideworthy #shareworthy line; My first book is going to b called; !01 Chapter Ones. alt 101 first drafts

wow. I needed to write two, to include a choice. To not be able to decide. 

I akgnowedge that my interpretation of the moment, replaces reality with the story.


It occurred to me that if this works is to be edited, either by me, or by pen pals in a huge web of …

fuck.  I gave away ideas today because I interact, I do not …I do not network. Networkig is an ask.

If my one man show is a reality when now returns to include my storyline again.

ding. This is an example of deep connection thought I think are profound in my now, but I fear my transcriptions would be acted by Brad Pit as his mad man from 12 monkees.

#todayIlearned #TIL

There were more seasons of 12 monkees and I might enjoy that. 

I had a blst at my annual convention. It is a highlight of my year, thus life in a reoccurring obligation I boh hate and enjoy.

My mind heas the bursts of a siren, but my second thought realizes its that same mystery sound currently being explained by hard drive writes. This is not the first time my imagination has compressed reality into a story with a few changes.


I peaked, r earranged a bad posture, did a breath cycle and moved forward.


Hi. I wish I could tell you my story, but perhapd a pequil will hold my positive focus before some flash breaks that stream.


if my thought is in fact only ever one now racing ahead in time at the cusp of now… a single strand of fiber optic … word delay. 

thought streams like a series of tubes.

ha. brief joy moment as I realize it might be funny to get that mocked senetor comment proven right that the internet is a series of tubes. My secnd voice nitpicks his story to trump mine and take control of the helm.


I wish I could believe I will ..

I won’t. I will eventually give in to. alt.. reframe.

I understand that this written transcription may never reveal the true stories I never got to tell. When I am in the company of others, and I don’t fail. ding reframe. I come alive in intearactions.

ding. memory recall. story.

flurry. too many toughts. I am sad the imagery in my imagination is streaming too fast to journalize. to fast to remember. This week I called it abatman segue moment. Na Na N… oh. In writing, the spinnin flash of scene footage spins i and out like a fairgrounds pinwheel greenscreen.


like a fairground pinwheel spinnging in the wind alongside the event’s pathway.

flash memory.


Bill Muray and Morgan Freeman argue over the voicover of this narative in an elevator and knock each other out. The rest of the story … 

ding. Is it tranferance I…

A though changed to… I kind of ….

deep. If my brain at now makes all the desisions in my universe…

Usually at this stage of the high, I give …not give in. not give up. I Monday it.

I …oooh.

I like this.

I have been using restart. I’m going to try out Monday as an addition to the persona of Orange Jeff

Second though, Am I going mad, or is it what genuius refer to as wisdom because people would sway reactions if I self proclaimed such as high honour often percieved in my ubiverse as arrogance.

deep, new. I have always been afraid.

in my head, I flood with Doctor Who flashbacks. Vivid imagination scenarios without a main to …

I will not sleep at this time. I will rest so briefly tryig desperatly to convince myself the current is not essential to record. It is the current obcession I’m been …

Have I? 

reframe flash by Tommy Lee Jones Madame tuesauds wax version from Men in Black.

Ha. That visual worked on me. I lost the game.

sorry. I mean I don’t 

image. lawn mowers and chainsaws had pull cord starters. 

When my own thoughts create vivid imagery enough to make me save the memory with a smile. If we think of memories as moments that actually take up physical space somewhere in the cells of our existance.

As a thought experiment, Imainge our species did not have a memory and brain like we enjoy, but rather, a brain that could only communicate in a forward continuous stream of conciouness like a water fountain so ionized it looks like a tube.

google side project link. Everybody should get to save the memories of awe,

oh wait, thats what SHARE is for.


depression can be assisted by pride, which is often easier than self esteem or elf worth.

Sadly, the solution is simultaiously the problem.


We advertise the white side of the cookies of life, but any bonus given to anyone in a way of predudice is 


Any time anyone gets anything, somebody is going to feel cheated, or more likly, feel to be felt inferior.

I am sad I can not write the full set of my imagination in my head right now fading in and out like marty myfly like…. and I’m suddenly having to choose between a second line for the remedial and always subtle second line that explains the situation a more obvious way.

I would edit that out. It is clear… I stop, and I choose not to pursue the thought stream that includes my recall of at least one crosing guard story.

ding. Ladies voice.

yellow flag. rescan requested.


I walk out though a door on the middle of the stage that we didn’t notice before. I have decided to tr this thought on, in the set of a Bathurst Theatre bedroom stage for your friend’s friend recites their version of ..


I can gain more pride if I stop assuming my thoughts are either obvious, or at least not #noteworthy #shareworth

My memory star wipes to … blank.

There is a delicate balance to be the first share on the current of now.

I will really be upset if this concept and goal is not more reaction than I really want.

ding stop scenarioariario ing the future.

There should have been no struggle to recarge in the glow that my ideas often have before the second though.

Life comes at you pretty fast Mathew Broderic.

blackout but probably ot intermission.

end of part 1.

End of coverage of life stream close captioning, but the video feeds are 24/7

When I think this idea, I feel the mental equivilent of cheer. In my brain, the edges of go give a little extra vibration with the pleasure of a breeze on your ghoosebumps. alt suntanned arm alt on my right arm hairs as I drive with my arm out the window.

ding memory. not pefect: I remember he expressed his agrivation once, towards the youth that drive with one hand ff the steering wheel out the window with your v. alt with your elbow.

Please don’t let an editor use a photo of the v shape of just your arm out the window…

I opted to not tell the story of what not to do. I am not the villan in my story.

Hmmmm… Am I the victum? I would almost answer, I don’t believe I feel a victum … but I reseve the right to do exactly that and then remember… oh yeah.  

I am sad how my dee… I am sad I can not share all the stories in my head. 

I am at a pivitol moment in my story. A pit of options none oof which include smiles.


loop close: darn. My visual of the pneumatic tubes that used to deliver your email and finances was something worth seeing.


Local Save Worthy

Everything in our universe is just the smiles. alt

Just the stories we tell, or the stories were told.


At this moment the short quote I’m proud of is

Everything in our universe is just the story we’re told, or the stories we’ll tell.

I am the …

If the second voice has access to my past stream, his wisdom would be incredibly powerful.


I mean. Cut. Print it.

take, this many. I throw … oops. dropped that bit.

The real end of part 1. Lights probably wont stay off. midnight.

I have no idea what day… oh yeah Monday

Dinp Open loop. I liked the idea of calling a trial life of restarting thoughts with  visual of a chainsaw pull… no… down chainsaw. 

Director is me, with a star trek mirror univer goatee . alt 

What if life zoomed out and we were the show and reality was a cartoon?

In a world where your word is always read, you have the power to write your ow story. 


I’m Orange Jeff, and I exist in an alternate universe inside the internet. I really hope you give my writing a chance and choose to see more, or choose to SQUIRREL.

flash. Could you create a campain for awareness of the reframed focus 

The tubes that are my thought streams are thick.

ding. You may never understad statements like that but just know, thats ok with me.

ding memory flash to origin of … whoosh. memory blocked by distra..

oh. A.DD as I call it, could raise money to figure out a safer version of the pods I’ve come to rely on, and potentially abuse.


Do you know there was no end. I did not stop. I am the hose connected to the tap 4 inches above the ground out back at Aunte Jackies place. The green hose with golen-ish screw caps like a hose cheap champain screw on lid.

no. wrong image.

I have suddenly paused. I no longer have a high enough confidence to maintain joy in the idea, so I change the channel, click a link or autoplay the recomended jukebox view of life, alt. As we comsume as many stories as e can.


huge revelation.

Every site and sound of now is turned into a story to be saved. Every memories in a bible story. Reframed. Our universe learns by connecting the stories we witness or hear into analogy references. The way one might respond, if asked to describe what blue is to your friend, would resort to listing other things that are blue. 

the actual huge revelation was not recorded. It is thrown back into the spinning 80s raffle cage like a bingo ball.



regular bingo but each square is a story I believe is #shareworthy and #sharedmo– shared moments fit my thoughts, but has an existing first impression feel that feels wrong.

I think that wasn’t the idea but I tony Randeled in the second half on the sentence live

Bill calls out, we’ll do it live. fuck it, we’ll do it live

Mean shared… communal analogy core.

An announced series of stories we can use in conversations and life choices to choose between A or B and 

I am sad I will be rushed by orderlies with a straight jacket for me. I will say; Does it come in orange?


Half the audience askes the other half, What is that all about, or more basically?  huh?

I tell the memory of the imagary. If I am in my canoe streaming at the speed of time in the current, I just now realized there is no way to stop. I can pase a story anywhere, as I demonstate he