Written in the first person as Orange Jeff, living in the alternate Universe of Second Life.

I was sitting there for, oh I don’t know how long. Sometimes I just stare off into… well, at that wall there actually, but in my mind, I can daydream. You bet we daydream in here. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Oh crap… if I couldn’t daydream.

Well… I mean, this is a daydream, right? I guess it’s just easier not to question it, but that’s bloody hard.

It was a fake Monday. That’s what I like to call the Tuesday that comes up after a holiday Monday. It feels like a Monday, but it’s not.

Before we continue, I’d like to welcome today judge; Q.

Not the omnipotent being… the letter Q.

buzz.  A sportscaster in a booth somewhere complaints.  Bad joke with no real payoff. Q would have been way funnier, and you had everywhere to go. Penalty.

We return to see Jeff sitting at his desk.


I used to jump up a foot and a half when a doorbell rand or an unexpected knock broke my attention, but I seem to have gotten used to it in this universe. I suppose iyt helps that I live in a world where we don’t actually hear the knocking. We get a text that says knock knock.

Oh wait, that’s in both universe now.


She opens the door and walk through. First time. She’s played this game before. I’m almost always high, so I can hide it, but I can’t get through any door on the first try in here. The first thing I changed in all the houses I’ve lived in here. I have a guy who comes in and changes all the doors to open automatically whe you come near, like they did in Star Trek.

I refrained from having them make the sound however.  I did have one door I went extra on, and added the Serious Cibernetics geuine people personality doors to my secret den. You opened a small status like in the 60’s batman and the wall opened. Before I got much time to enjoy it, my girlfriend left me and took the house.

LIterally.  She took the house.  All my stuff was on the lawn when I got home.

I looked at her and wanted to start talking in 1940s dective story voice, like Picard and Dix.

Dix?  I forget


Google knew it. Dixon Hill.  I also liked the version done recently in The Librarians.

Orange Jeff

Hi.  You’re here about the thing?


That’s an easy one to say ye sto.


I start easy, warms you up. I can see you’re pretty hot already.

So you know about the thing then?

I know about A thing. I’m pretty sure we’re both talking about the same thing.. but

or not.

Yeah… did yours involve… a… oh I don’t know, say an elephant?

what?  Oh.  We are definitely not talking about the same thing.

It’s ok. That was my test. If you were fishing me for the info, you’d have said yes.
ya see.  ahhh… that’s a thing we do.  Oh… umm…

I won’t tell.

Good.  Now, what can I help with?

Well, I’m a reporter a—

Ahhhhh!.. You just said you won’t tell. That’s what you do. Your job is literally the official teller.

WOW.  I just got that.  Teller doesn’t tell.  He has no Tells.  Points awarded for late-life realization of new layers./box]

break.  Not feeling it anymore… I will come back to this.


I don’t understand.  What just happened?  Hello?