Oh no, they want something and they think if I’m even higher, I might chage, and reveal something new.

I bonged a good one, and am battling YES vs the no that says it’ll smell and you won’t be able to tend to emergemcies

They’re weaker when I’m already stoned.

I get higher, just with a bnit more guilt and regret each time.

I saw this, seconds before a big hit off my orange arilic.


Whoa. Big one.

Stinks in my nosehairs

OK, lets begin.

Stoner writing seesion, with a spash of bad E from several hours ago. Holy shit!  It’s only Sunday at 1:30pm, not am.

I think I should rest a nbit and let it hit nme without the instant mental use.

Be right back, dude.

Off on another story.

End of part 1