Static could be morse code, binary, 8 bit. A 1 frame poiece of static could be a page of text… or anything. a program.

If you can program static, you could be talking to a lot of people.

The DaGoebel code.

Static contains the Contact like instructions.

No… it contains a language

Probably not an original thought.

Self esteeme strikes again.

Law and Order episode. Kid killed execution style at keyboard.

All he did was type an idea, and he was vanished.

Certain information can’t be discussed and somwhere, right now, somebidy is guessing, and blogging the truth about something, by fluke.

The next day, the blog is gone, and even Google cache turns up only an error.

Strike that – it woulnd’t be in google to begin with.

Sometimes I fear creative writing, and that is a shame. I fear that some scenario I make public, can somehow be used against me.

We don’t know how the future is going, but a change in the USA may happen someday. The split is increasingly irritating to both sides.

It’s to late to say “go back where you came from” was a good idea. We’re stuck with the dilution of America by Americans now. Like the metric system, it can take over 100 years to weed out the originals. There are still close relatives alive today that owned slaves. Its too soon to not be bitter, on both sides.

But it will.

Everything we say NO to, we say yes to in a few years.

Or vis versa.

We’re learning, on the 1000 year plan, we’re doing ok, but the polution needs priority soon.

Ok, probabky its already quute late. We should have been thinking of renewals since the 50s…

Like Y2K, it’s not going to be my problem when the earth dies.

I hope.

A lot of gas stations still have orice signs that don’tr fit 3 digit prices, That seems like an obvious oversight, or sneaky built in obsolecence. Maybe they DID know about Y2k. A lot of people made a fortune off it.

Planned upgrades that cost are the best kind, in any business.

Let the next guy worry.

But there are a lot of proud determined people to keep the attention alive, and break the mold.

Changers. The people who force change with vocal minorities. Both sides have them. Each year, a few thopusand things change.

SOme for your side, and some for their side. Then, every few years, parties switch and catch up.

I’d like to think somebody has an overall plan, but I suspect its a lot of litle ones by separate people. Fashion and Movies can guiude the decade..