Thnis is what I want to do in 2013.

Make videos.

Instructional computer videos, with my personbality

I know a lot of shuit that people would benefir from knoiqwn, and my personal hands on experience with novices opver 20 years has tyaughht me one thing my competoitors don’t know.

Things that go without saying, should be said more often

Winodws magic almost 100% in the secrtets you don’t know, unless sonmebody told you.

And a whol generation of people without 14 year old kids doesn’t know some of the basics.

We leartned to play the song before we learnedthe scale. People dpn’t learn computers, they learn how to use Outlook to check mail and IE toi surf.

Many don’t know copy,paste, or how to favorite a web page

They go to google home page and type ion searches every time.

I want to make helpful, butr entertaining videos and give some away free but charge fopr actual JEFF training videos of how to do specifgicv stuff.

Like gthe Outlook series.

Outlook has HUINDREDS ofd commands, and most people know reply, delete and send

They don’t even know the address book

I think one trick per video makes them short enough be learned. Easy to search and archive them on;line. Maybe with a subscrfiption.

Ideally, I’d love to be free, but I need an income, and I LOVE this idea.

I just need a team. A manager, and a crew. I need this to be something we schedule and do.

I need to be treated almost like a hired guy.

Except with final say.

I am willing to share equally anyoner on my team that helps make thuis happen.

Thius is a form letter to everyone I trespect enough to share the oppotrtunity with.

Invest in Jeff Gopebel, as an Internet personality, tip trainer.

Ideas: We can do the videos as they are, or we can incvorpoaret them into a bigger job. I want a new way of doing in-home supportr, better than NERSD OIN SITE or \Geelk Squad.

I want to assign a single smart guy, to a few select life-long contarcts. Essentially, you get given “a guy”. Your one stop phone call for anything that plugs in. Personal shipping, gadget advice, softrware installations, Facebook or web training, virus rremoval.


And then ask for people who arew just regular people. A nerd who could afford to answer a few phone calls now and then, and show up and fix things. You hire a guy.

I own

Radio ads: Awww… my computer has a virus.

2: Do you have a guy? No? Oh man, you gotta have a guy.

You can borrow my guy for this, but you gotta getta guy. It’s so handy having someboidy IO can trust guide me and help me and fix it when I do something stupoid.

The Orange Shirts.

You get a Orngeshirt concierge

A team of certyified and trained polite friends who will be your tech contact, for money, for as long as you both require each other.

People can make a few extra bucks, doing what they probably already do fgor friends and family for free.

Be that guy

I have been one for over 20 years. I am “guy” top a solid following of people, and will be ttill they die.

Or I do.

A few have already. I’ve grown up with them over 20 years and met their families.

I exchabhge gifts with one

I’d like a few more, just iike them. Senioirs mostly.

You could be orange shirt certified.

THEN, see above. The videos areALL done in orange shirts.

And OTHER people on thye web can start upl;oadinhg their helpoful tips and tricks wearing orange shirts.

We could be an amazing databse of spoken word adice, reviews and help. It culd expand to many other areas. Once you have a foot in the door, we can start being a call point of contact for ewverything from construction, plumbing, paintrers – anything. A true concefreireg

One call, and answers.

\Live l;ike an executive withy a personal assistant, for the right privce

I am always thinking, but in m,y 50’s I’d really like to start sharing, and earning.

If yoiuy’d like to be a part – any part, let me know.

Mostky I need somebody to more thgan help… but run it.

On spec

Idea: An old idea this might be gthe p;lace to use. Each video takes place on location with a notebook. Fields,` trains, CT tower… whatever. All phoine internet outside or in interesting locations.